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Welcome! It is an honor to be of Service.

We specialize in the expansion of human and spiritual consciousness, with emphasis on healing the human condition. Including empowering, encouraging, and igniting the fire of who we are through self-validation. Three specific areas personal empowerment, creating and expansion of awareness.

If you question: What the heck am I doing here? Why does this always happen to me? Why is this the same old story, with different players? Why do my love relationships crumble? Why do I feel alone? Do you feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall, everything you try to change , repeats anyway. Do you sabotage your success? Who am I?

We can offer a map & directions to help give insight and resolution to your journey, thus empowering you to stand in your truth. 

This is a journey into Who you are and Why are you here. Helps to examine your Purpose for Being.

We can help you

  • Alter limiting & repeating patterns

  • See yourself for who you are

  • Release blockages that hold you back

Experience the power

  • Discover Childhood perceptions that no longer serve you

  • Examine the choices that still control & limit you

  • Gain insight into the influences that has directed your path

Have you ever felt like you are constantly wishing, praying, wanting and needing something? Is there something you would like to change in your life, or something you'd like to have? What happens when there is a lot riding on a particular outcome; like a new job, house, overcoming an illness. Is emotional stress playing havoc in your life or are circumstances spinning out of your control?

How proficient are you at matching your desires to your end results? Are your results created in an efficient, effective, and effortless way?

We can help you

  • Reduce the "time frame" and 'difficulty' for designing your life

  • To adapt the delivery; Stepping into and being able to Receive

  • Empower yourself

  • With the techniques for 'worry- free' creating. (When you have a lot riding on an outcome)

  • Alter perceptions and mindsets that hasten delivery

  • Create a new reality that you prefer 

Experience the power

  • Of effective use for creating with energy

  • To stop 'wanting' & 'needing'

  • In Nuances of reality and Laws

  • With specific steps designed with checks and balances

  • By Creating Order out of Chaos: "Stopping the Storm"

Do you struggle with fear, worry, addictions, relationships, or would you simply like to discover your illumined self, that which is powerful and beautiful. We can reduce the time factor and the elusive effort. 

Removing the rose colored glasses helps to disentangle and disengage from the colorful matrix that blinds our clear vision.

We can help You

  • Clearly see where the illusions become the limitations within our lives

  • Change perceptions & purviews that empowers self and others to gain management of their destiny

  • Avoid life's potholes, pitfalls and chaos by gently traversing this energy

Experience the power

  • Of an expanded awareness and shift in consciousness

  • By Standing in your Truth, and knowing who you are

  • With subtle nuances of energy that can either delay or enhance results you are seeking

If you offer services with a heart-based business and are committed to helping others get results.

If you are truly committed to making an impact in other people's lives or global impact of healing the human condition, by bringing change, awareness, or mindsets to your people......

Join us in raising the bar

Shadow Fox & Lee Two Hawks work with Clients:

Who are committed; Thought Leaders, Counselors, Spiritual Coaches, Manifesting, Metaphysical teachers, Ancient Wisdom Leaders, Energy/ Emotional Healers and those who are actively seeking a deeper understanding and clarity to what influences us all.

Here's your opportunity, we'll introduce you to our best friends, Cosmic Logic and Cosmic Philosophy and the Mind shifts that you can easily implement for dramatic results for both you and you clients.... Contact us for a free consultation. 

We can help you

  • By giving you tools for you & those you serve

  • Quickly traverse emotional pain

  • Deepen Self-Validation

  • Decrease the fear/ resistance of change

  • Utilize the Power of Focused Thought

  • Identify the difference of what is given and what is received

  • Enhance your gifted methods

  • Upgrade quality tool sets

Experience the power

  • For efficiently, effectively, & effortlessly Creating & Receiving from a place of power

  • Of personal & professional transformation

  • To build & offer effective results to your audience

  • With a global Mind Shift; talk the talk, walk the walk

  • Of Cosmic Logic and Philosophy; that develops cream of the crop

  • By creating your own dramatic results for both you and you clients

  • In Cosmic Awareness

  • Of an expanded consciousness


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Sharing some Wisdom.

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