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Our Intentions:

Bring peace and goodwill to the World one person at a time by which the creator will bless, magnify & multiply. Also, to help others remember who they are.

Life Purpose:

World Servers, Spiritual & Metaphysical teachers, sharing Ancient Wisdom of empowerment & manifesting to those who seek awareness. Enjoyment of life, Humor & Laughter.


Knowing that we are all connected, to love others as we love our-self. Knowing what perceptions we hold, can transform us. Awareness is freedom.

The Journey:

We are in its truest essence a "Twin Flame" so my story is our story. We Are! I am. & I am. NOW...

Our Vision:

If "Our Story" is not understandable at this time to you, this is our vision, that whoever seeks this information will be drawn to us or others who have a sincere desire to remember who they are and the power they harness. Are you ready?

Life is about expression and experience. We choose to live with laughter, enjoyment and the blessings of drawing breath. We walk softly upon Mother Earth because she is pregnant with life. We honor her and also you who share this Magnificent World with us.

We must say ,"This one will."

Shadow Fox shares the practical application of Ancient Wisdom and how it influences our daily lives. This is done by encouraging a deeper understanding and fully utilizing the energies which have been referred to as Laws. She is a participating World Server who is Certified as a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and who also functions as a Mother, Life/ Spiritual Coach, Medium, and Reverend. As a child medium and into adulthood, she has been able to use her many talents to help others through difficult times as well as to assist them in developing personal insights. Service to others has long been her calling. She is currently researching with her bi-side and Twin Flame, Lee Two Hawks, through intuition and written works, an Awareness of the Seven Rays. Shadow Fox has helped to create The Center for Self Empowerment and develop “The Sapphire Teachings”.

Lee Two Hawks functions a gifted Medium, healer, & teacher who walks in his search for Truth. He conducts and participates in Native American Ceremony while walking the Red Path. He has studied and researched Ancient Truths and wisdom while applying and living them by example. As a Reiki Master and a deep interest in Mind, Body, and Spirit, his love for healing and teaching extends into the realm of Cosmic Laws, expanding consciousness, the how and why of who we are. Currently he is researching the function of the Seven Rays, the etheric body, astral and mental consciousness. He Co- created with his bi-side, Shadow Fox, “The Sapphire Teachings” which is a teaching entity designed to empower, encourage, and bring awareness to those individuals who seek a greater understanding of ‘who they truly are’. The workshops are based on extensive research and intuitive insight.

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