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Destiny by Design

Shadow Fox will guide you into the realm of what others refer to as their 'own personal magical miracles.' As a child I observed what people were asking for and what actually resulted. When there was a result; they were not the same. I have spent my life observing, practicing, applying and following laws of energy to create, heal and walk in the I am Presence. At 9 years old, my Mother had 4th stage colon cancer with a 2% survival rate, I asked 'for my mother to live and not to leave me here with these cruel people'. Against all odds, my Mother lived. Naturally there is a little more to this, a partnership and a knowing; I knew how to ask and to allow it's delivery. I repeated the process, and refined it.g the options from the toolbar.

In 60 Days learn to implement the foundation for consciously co-creating. Everyone asks for something, yet there is still pain and yearning; learn What and How to ask, and learn to be receptive for it. Do you know how to reduce the time frame for delivery? It will be shown to you. Destiny by Design© , the proven system we offer is far more than anything you may think you know on the of Law of Attraction, actually that is not even a focus.

You will be able see your efforts transpire when you implement the suggested steps into your life. "Your perceptions are your only limitations!" S.F.

You will be able see your efforts transpire when you implement the suggested steps into your life. "Your perceptions are your only limitations!" S.F.


  • Reducing the "time frame" and 'difficulty' for designing your life.

  • The delivery; Stepping into and being able to Receive.

  • Empower yourself. Create it, How to get it.

  • Techniques for 'worry- free' creating. (When you have a lot riding on a outcome.)

  • Altering perceptions and mindsets that hasten delivery.

You can experience the power

  • Effective use of creating with energy.

  • Stop 'wanting' & 'needing'.

  • Nuances of reality and Laws.

  • Specific Steps designed with checks and balances.

  • "Creating Order out of Chaos: Stopping the Storm.”

  • Create a Reality that you would prefer 

Amanda Lynn Baker

" It's so hard for me to put into words just how powerful this class/book were. Sometimes in life, we’re drawn to people and/or experiences, and we have no idea why. I was attending an expo in Pittsburgh on a last minute whim, during a time when everything in my world seemed to be in a state of chaos. I had been so used to this disarray that I had just accepted it as my way of life. Without much thought, I signed up for the workshop “Creating Order out of Chaos: Stopping the Storm.” I had no idea when I walked into that room that the way that I looked at my seemingly uncontrollable spiral downward would fundamentally change in just under 2 hours time. The teachings that I received offered compassionate and positive outlooks, as well as easy methods that I could do on my own. I learned how to control the way that I viewed the chaos in my life in general, as well as release the stress of the most impossible of issues from my core. After the workshop, I purchased a copy of “Want Not & Be Open to Receive” and it has been the perfect supplement and follow-up to such a powerful experience. My life and the way that I experience it has transcended into a new peaceful manner, and I have learned to embrace the storms instead of fear and accept them. I wish that I could share this information with anyone and everyone who has ever feared the destruction of a storm in their lives. These teaching provide a loving focus and allow you to reframe hopelessness into hope."

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