Shadow Fox & Lee Two Hawks 
  Awakening Consciousness




—"Within this writing, some of the nuances and other steps involved for creating will be discussed; however it's not just about laws. It really is very easy to create some inconsequential item or event to happen. Yet, when the stakes are high or becomes closer to the heart, there is a feeling that sets in as if one is swimming upstream and against the current."

—"If you were to stop reading right here and incorporate any of these empowering words or concepts into your everyday language, these words alone have the power to transform your life."

—"The point is to be on the lookout at how the universe delivers and keeps the flow of energy with giving and receiving in balance. We are the ones who throw the imbalance in the equation."

—"…….This is what has happened to the majority of us, this is where the dis-belief in our connection to all stems from. This is where we were taught to work against the flow of nature and the universe"

"If you could give me the benefit of the doubt for just a moment... I will show you how to actively create with purpose and intent, efficiently and effectively. These are the steps I've used all my life. I have asked, I have been open, and I have received."

—".....from the unconscious to the conscious mind....., From the unmanifest, to the manifest, all of life is influenced by these laws in one way or another."