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Accessing your Opportunity

Shadow Fox

As a child I was an emphatic intuitive medium, I lived with constant ridicule and threats from others, "You are a demon seed, you are going to hell, I hope God forgives you, & you're a liar." I could not understand how these 'loving people' could profess that they loved or cared for me, yet, showed me such fear & hatred. I observed and listen to what my family, teachers, Nuns, or Priests would say and do. What they 'wanted, 'needed' or even 'prayed for', didn't really developed as they would envision. I knew I had to find my own way, because what everyone else was doing was not working. I spent my life observing, practicing, applying and following energy to create, heal and walk in the I am Presence. At 9 years old, my mother had fourth stage colon cancer and was given a 2% survival rate. I knew I had to as this, I knew I had to ask for my mother's life. My prayer was, "For my mother to live and not to leave me here with these cruel people". Against all odds, my Mother lived. Naturally there is a little more to this, a partnership and a knowing; I knew how to ask and to allow it's delivery. I repeated the process, and refined it.

Lee Two Hawks

Childhood sucks, I was tired, beaten down, angry, abandoned. No Mom, no Dad, just a constant string of foster care homes where I was always the fifth wheel. They all told me I was just a stupid ugly little kid. Then, the orphanage with its cruelty, abuse, abasement of the individual, a fecund destruction of identity. This, I recalled, as I put the noose around my neck and secured it at the other end. I hung, then, how long I don't know, but I woke up. Everything I had so securely tied, had loosened. Damn, I thought, even God doesn't want me. From then until now, I strived to achieve a greater awareness, which somehow I knew, existed. Who am I? Do I have a purpose? Or just the simple...'Why'? Over time, over distance awareness came, with it a security of self and a validation of self. Allow me to share with you the vista of human greatness.

"I'm just a guy who took a walk from out of the sewer to heights that I had never imagined. I did it developing and using what is described in these lessons. Now I live in gratitude, so can you!"

Shadow Fox & Lee Two Hawks have mastered through a life time of experience the wisdom they share and live by. It is Cosmic energy that influences every aspect of LIFE, thus can be applied to every and any field. We are the teachers of teachers, with passion for human/spiritual expression, by empowering, encouraging, and igniting the fire of who we are through self-validation. We focus on the Unity and Synthesis of Humanity. Healing the Human Condition.

If you are serious and committed in your journey, thus, taking your next step, we invite you to a 45 min free consultation. In order to serve you in the best way, we ask a few questions in our Application for Discovery. Just fill it out, send it back to us and will set up an appointment. E-mail is on this application.

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