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Personal Journey Monthly Retainer 

(suggested 3 months minimum)

  Shadow Fox & Lee Two Hawks bring two life times of experience to help show you a path. Each of us has walked it which is not always easy, sometimes it's painful but the bottom line is the sooner it is faced, the sooner it is relieved and the sooner we actually get to live a vibrant life of purpose.

This is a journey into Who you are and Why are you here. Helps to examine your Purpose for Being.

We offer a map & directions to help give insight and resolution to your journey, thus empowering you to stand in your truth. 

If you question: What the heck am I doing here? Why does this always happen to me? Why is this the same old story, different players? Why do my love relationships crumble? Why do I feel alone? Do you feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall, everything you try to change , repeats anyway. Do you sabotage your success?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, we offer a map & directions to help give insight and resolution to your journey, thus empowering you to stand in your truth.


  • Alter limiting & repeating patterns

  • See yourself for who you are

  • Release blockages that hold you back

  • Elements

  • Discover Childhood perceptions that no longer serve you

  • Examine the choices that still control & limit you

  • Gain insight into the influences that has directed your path

"It" is your Choice!

"Every minute, every interaction is YOUR

Choice to have the experience YOU choose.

Learn your truth,

Be aware of your awareness.

Be what you desire and are.

Open the doors to opportunity.

without even lifting a finger.....

Choice... reaction/ action, blocking or opening...

Shadow Fox is a passionate teacher, with her wisdom, her skills, and her ability to connect with students, she has inspired me to REALISE my life is MY CHOICE.

I can appreciate or not

I can go with the flow or resist and fight my way against the current.

Go up stream or down stream

What is My Choice...?

To be me. To be free of encumbrances. To live my life in peace and creativity. To love and appreciate all the beauty in people and nature.

With Shadow Fox & Lee Two Hawks to guide the beginning of your journey, you will learn that the 'tools' are right there for you to use at anytime, whenever, wherever. Learn to heal yourself, open your higher mind and give a 'rose' to others... Oh yeah.. and smile while you're doing it.

I am thankful for that." Jackie Francis

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