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Personal Journey Monthly Retainer ( 3 month min.) 

with Shadow Fox & Lee Two Hawks

We offer a map & directions to help give insight and resolution to your journey, thus empowering you to stand in your truth.

Initial Process:

Application of Discovery Required

Consultation 45-60 min - Initial Concept Assessment for evaluation Phone/ Skype or *In Person * In Person assumes all travel, food,& lodging expenses to our office*

Each Month:

You will receive a different core set to help you remember Who you are, Why you are here and Discovering Your Life's Purpose.

  • 1 50 mins. workshop via Skype/ or phone

  • 1 30 min highly supportive coaching via Skype/ or phone

  • 1 Core Material for independent study & contemplation Written/ or video

  • 1 15 min Call for 'Got'ta Know right now' questions

  • Responsive e-mail support for questions or issues that may arise between sessions

Bonus: First month

  • 1 Assessment of Progress; redirection if required

  • Video " “Creating Order out of Chaos: Stopping the Storm"

Your investment in yourself $465 month

Pay in full today

min 3 months


save $195  

Total $1,395

Total $1,200

"It" is your Choice!

"Every minute, every interaction is YOUR

Choice to have the experience YOU choose.

Learn your truth,

Be aware of your awareness.

Be what you desire and are.

Open the doors to opportunity.

without even lifting a finger.....

Choice... reaction/ action, blocking or opening...

Shadow Fox is a passionate teacher, with her wisdom, her skills, and her ability to connect with students, she has inspired me to REALISE my life is MY CHOICE.

I can appreciate or not

I can go with the flow or resist and fight my way against the current.

Go up stream or down stream

What is My Choice...?

To be me. To be free of encumbrances. To live my life in peace and creativity. To love and appreciate all the beauty in people and nature.

With Shadow Fox & Lee Two Hawks to guide the beginning of your journey, you will learn that the 'tools' are right there for you to use at anytime, whenever, wherever. Learn to heal yourself, open your higher mind and give a 'rose' to others... Oh yeah.. and smile while you're doing it.

I am thankful for that." Jackie Francis

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