Shadow Fox & Lee Two Hawks 
  Awakening Consciousness



"Want Not is amazing piece of material! It verifies all the self tools necessary to move forward through life-blocks toward life-dreams. Personally and professionally as an Addictions Counselor, this is a book I desire to be able to utilize over and over during my life’s journey. My thanks to Shadow Fox for this gift." —Your spiritual sister, Toni Castiglia, CASAC

"If you find this to be unfamiliar territory, keeping an eye open to see what isn’t readily seen and an open heart and mind to receive that which is given, Shadow Fox does bring forth the unfamiliar to an awareness which is instinctive and effortlessly perceivable. Want Not also helps the reader realize the gifts within each of us." — Hakan J. Yasav, ESL Teacher

"Want Not and be Open to Receive immediately opens the eyes, unlocks the heart, and connects everything that exists. The information in Want Not and be Open to Receive is magical.   As you reread your copy, I am confident you will feel, be aware, and apply the "magic" yourself.  Thank you Shadow Fox for awakening my inner self and guiding me with the ability to share these lessons!"   —Mrs. Pellegrino

"Reading Want Not and be Open to Receive has shed light upon a way of acknowledging and perceiving life lessons that were once shrouded in shadow. I believe it has opened doors for me to become what I was always meant to be." —Mr. M. Galen

"I would like to express how truly inspired and enlightened I have become upon absorbing all of the mesmerizing and life changing information this book contains. The pages turned themselves! I am eager to continue my life's journey, utilizing the tools Shadow Fox has shared with us. I find myself highlighting and taking notes as if I were in a traditional classroom. Thank you, Shadow Fox, for being one of the best teachers I've had." -Your lifelong student, Sweet Thunder.

"If you find yourself searching, this book delivers! It's more than a onetime read. Shadow Fox introduces nuances to some Universal Laws, that until now have gone unnoticed. Thanks for a great gift. Highly Recommend! —Red Dawn Lightning, A student

"Our world is made up of different realities for the billions of people.  Want Not and be Open to Receive will help mainstream these realities to the masses.  Although its heavy in principal it is written for the everyday person.  The world is a better place with Shadow Fox sharing her knowledge with all of us.  Learning to understand some principles will give us positive results.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us." —Mr. Randall Grimm