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Removing The Rose Colored Glasses

 Monthly Retainer Package ( 3 month min)

Due to the personal nature of this program, we suggest a min of a 3 month commitment, for our proven system to more greatly benefit you.

It's a Wake-up call for transformation and shattering the illusions which deny peace and harmony in our lives. This will challenge you to see the world and your place in it with a broader view, reducing errors of enslavement and empowering you to stand in your truth.

Initial process: Application of Discovery Required

Consultation 45-60 min - Initial Design Assessment to evaluate if we are a good fit and can work together. Phone/ Skype or *In Person * In Person assumes all travel, food,& lodging expenses to our office*

  • 1 30 min call/skype Develop Action Plan

Each month includes:

  • One modular based on your specific requirements to gain the greatest impact in your life

  • includes videos, or written material

  • 1 -15 min Q&A to bring clarity into everyday life, helping you retain your focus (evaluate)

  • 1 -60 min skype/phone instruction designed to help implement the information provided

  • This is recorded for you so always this at your finger tips, reducing errors

  • E-mail support


  • 1 -15 min Q&A We ask and you answer, check up & mentoring support

Benefits include

  • You will gain an expanded conscious awareness of the world and your place in it, thus, reducing errors of enslavement and empowering you to stand in your truth. (Anchoring)

  • Studying with us will speed up & remove these rose color glasses to which we all become accustomed, you will see more clearly. (Stabilize)

  • Emotional Stability, balance and harmony (Integrate)

Your investment in yourself: $465                                    month Min 3 months                                           Total $1,395


Pay in full today and save $195                                                                                                                   Total $1, 200

Transformation occurs when the desire for change is stronger than the fear of that change which opposes it.

"I have benefited in many ways from the knowledge and resources shared from Lee Two Hawks and Shadow Fox. I am a good, happy person who noticed that I was experiencing difficulty fulfilling the many roles life demands. All of a sudden I became aware of me as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a learner, a listener and yet, still a child—and in that moment of realization I began to leave me behind. When I forgot, or did not make the time, to care for myself, I generated a survival mode that was countered productive to my personal and professional growth. Before long, I felt an intrinsic desire to re-awaken and develop the skills necessary to open my eyes and soul to a higher order thinking that will allow me to fulfill my many roles.

Tired and drained from allowing myself to become overtaken by chaos and choosing among which roles were to receive attention, I sought out services provided by Lee Two Hawks and Shadow Fox. Their individualized support and guidance addressed specific areas of growth and goals that was integral to me. They taught me the skills necessary to question and understand intent and purpose; my own and the worlds’—at large. Classes provided guidance and support to develop the skills to allow myself to create and catalyze my own well-being which yields clever and conscious approaches to fulfilling my many roles and maintaining the good, healthy person I am.

My background in education influenced me towards a preconceived perception that attending classes would create a professor-teacher relationship. I was completely wrong. Learning with Lee Two Hawks and Shadow Fox is more of an apprenticeship. I study under the tutelage of masters. They recognize how standardization (in education, health care, daily life, et cetera) and fear extirpates our creative spirit, confidence, and self-validation from us. Lee Two Hawks and Shadow Fox shared with me the tools to maintain, create, and apply the skills required to accomplish my goals and dreams." Mrs. C. Pellegrino

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