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Your guides, Shadow Fox & Lee Two Hawks have mastered through a life time of experience the wisdom they share and live by. Its Cosmic energy that influences every aspect of LIFE, thus can be applied to every and any field. We are the teachers of teachers, with passion for human/spiritual expression, by empowering, encouraging, and igniting the fire of who we are through self-validation. We focus on the Unity and Synthesis of Humanity.

We offer solutions for the great mal-functions, challenges and issues that plague the world. We are the next step, the next level in your ongoing expansion. Our students /clients experience a shift in energy and inner strength with an immediate impact in their lives and the benefits from their recognition continues...

Round Table Awareness 6 months

Shadow Fox & Lee Two Hawks will share their effective proven system which will help you to elevate & raise the bar in your efforts to bring healing and desired results to your audience. At our round table, feast with the fruits of our labor in the next step in your own evolution. You will learn of the Cosmic Energy that influences everything, there are nuances to the Laws of Energy and if you are not aware, you're not as effective as you could be in your own personal life and to those you serve.

Results: We go to the Core 

  • Efficiently, effectively, & effortlessly Create & Receive from a place of power.

  • Personal & Professional Transformation

  • Build & offer effective results to your audience.

  • Global Mind Shift- Talk the talk, Walk the walk

  • Cosmic Logic and Cosmic Philosophy; develops Cream of the Crop

  • Create your own dramatic results for both you and you clients.

  • Cosmic Awareness


  • Quickly Traverse emotional pain.

  • Deepens Self-Validation

  • Decreases the fear/ resistance of change

  • Power of Focused thought

  • Identify the difference of what is given and what is received.

Elements What you will gain

  • Energy: Vibration, Frequency, & Rhythm.( physical, mental, spiritual matter)

  • Basic Eco- system of Cosmic, Universal, Spiritual/Solar, & Natural Laws

  • Cosmic Laws and their effective use in the energy-web

  • Establishing a 'path of least resistance' (Cosmic Law of Economy)

  • Most Powerful Tools given to us by the Universe

  • Willingness

  • Cosmic 90 second guideline- This is a Game Changer in any field

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