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Round Table System

Round Table System 6 months

This is a comprehensive strategic system which gives you a greater advantage into the energies that influences all desired results. Emanates your expertise.

Initial Process: Be our Guest

*Application of Discovery Required*

Consultation 45-60 min - Initial Concept Assessment for evaluation Phone/ Skype or *In Person * In Person assumes all travel, food,& lodging expenses to our office*

Round Table Menu Includes

  • 1 30 min One-on-one call/skpye develop your Action Plan

  • 4 Modules Core Material (Energy & Laws) Written Class Material

  • 6 Recorded In-Depth Teachings (Navigate nuances of energy) Video/audio

  • 2 90 min Live virtual Class instruction (Practical Implementation) Recorded for you.

1.) 2 30 min Q & A : We ask ~ you Answer (2nd & 4th month) (Evaluation)

2.) 2 30 min. One on One Personal Q & A for implementation of 

Results you offer. (3rd & 5th month) (On Task)

3.) 1 Assessment of Progress; redirection if required (6th month)

  • Unlimited e-mail support

  • All Elements Stated (Stabilize)

Additionally you will gain:

  • Food for thought: Cosmic Logic and Cosmic Philosophy (Anchoring)

  • Foundation for 'Checks & Balances' which enhances alignment to Laws (IntegrateBonus

  • Experience Cosmic Awareness in Action Creative Solutions through insightful guidance for what YOU offer

  • 1 30 min Emergency Call- Gotta Know Right Now

Bonus #2

  • 3 Extra Months for Digestion 

Total Investment in yourself Non- Refundable                                                                                       Total investment $12,000

Pay in full today save $1100.00                                                                                                              Total investment $10,900

                                                                   Or Choose

$2,500 Non-Refundable deposit               5 monthly payments $2,000                                                 Total investment $12,500

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